Friday, April 16, 2010

cup o' tea anyone?

vintage teacup and saucer + fabric + stuffing =

Friday, April 9, 2010

Summer Clothes

Here are two skirts I recently made. Can you tell what the material I used is/was?
I always find Nate's dress shirts super-comfy so I stole a few that were too small on him and converted them into skirts. I need to still fine-tune them a bit, as they are both a little big on me but it's not quite skirt weather here yet so I have some time. (although I do pretend its skirt weather sometimes and regret it)

The other dress is definitely for summer. It was a Mexican muumuu that had amazing embroidery on it but was not very shapely. I turned it into a halter top and added ties in the back (after taking in about 12 inches) so it fits really well. Perhaps when it is warmer I will have an action shot of this. I think it'll be a great cover up for the beach and the pool.

I can't wait 'till summer!!!