Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Button "J"

What to do with a large button stash? Make a giant button letter! I found this idea online somewhere but am not sure where anymore. It took awhile to arrange the buttons so that this looked right. All it took was scrapbook paper, white glue, buttons and time. This was originally supposed to be a gift but I hung it on my wall and now don't want to take it off. Looks like I need to make another one, good thing I still have way too many buttons (is that possible?)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Simple change to a frame

I wanted to frame this picture of Nate's grandparents for awhile and finally used a cool vintage frame I found at a thrift store. It was a little too gold so I painted it with some light green, but not too well so a bit of gold showed through and then used some cool green with gold scrapbook paper to mount it into the frame. I think it came out well and it seems to suit the picture well.


It's my day off and I actually have time to post things and actually have pictures taken and loaded into the computer so I may as well just keep posting. Check out these pincushions I made yesterday. One is a simple jar cushion based on this.
I didn't entirely follow the directions but it was super easy and makes for a great pin cushion with storage.
The other one is a giant strawberry using a strawberry urn I found at a thrift store that had no lid. I had to buy it as I'm obsessed with strawberries and finally figured out how to make it useful. Its now one of my favorite pin cushions.

Robot Taco Baby Quilt

This project has taken quite awhile. It was first conceived about 10 months ago when I found out my friend Lindsay was pregnant. I wanted to make a quilt for her in which everyone made a square based on one theme and then it was all sewn together and given to her. Somehow the theme became Robots and Tacos (don't ask) Several months later we had this!

One of the center squares has the baby's name and info about her birth. The others were all made by various friends, all with great imaginations. Who would have thought that the theme robots and tacos could lead to this? All in all we had a great time making this and Lindsay loved it. I think she plans on hanging it up in River's bedroom.

Christmas Tree

I been wanting to make a button tree for awhile and finally did it. I used some strange wire (possibly old lampshade base?) thing I found at a thrift store, covered it in fabric and hot glued the buttons on. It seemed a bit plain and not quite christmassy enough so then I added the green and gold buttons. I wasn't really sure what to put at the top but the red bow seemed to work. Now I just need to come up with some more projects using buttons as I still have tons left.