Friday, May 15, 2009

Forks + Vise-Grips + unmarked plants + inspiration =

A great new way to label your plants

I've been slowly turning my front living room into an herb garden. Some plants I bought as small seedlings, but a few I am trying to grow from seed. I can remember the names of the larger plants but I can't tell the difference between a catnip sprout or a thyme sprout. I needed markers for my plants , but didn't want the garden variety plastic markers or even marked tongue depressors. Browsing the web I came upon these lovely spoon and fork markers. This was all the inspiration I needed to create my very own plant markers. Using some old silver plated forks I had, a pair of vise grips (I bet pliers would have worked better if I could have found them), some nice paper and a free front I found here (I used Olde English found under medieval) I created my masterpiece.
I still need a few more forks to label everything, but my husband still has some in his car (don't ask why we keep our silver plate forks there, its a long story), so when he gets home I can finish these.
It really is fairly easy to bend the prongs, although my palms are a bit sore. I'm not sure if one needs silver or silver plate for this to work, as those are usually a softer metal ( i think), or if any old fork will suffice.


  1. Awesome! I hope these are not from the set I bought you?

  2. no, they are from the hotel set I had acquired in Seattle that had 300 forks and 100 knives and maybe 1 spoon

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