Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fruit Towers!!!

I made this at work the other day for the cocktail hour we had for the annual meeting. The two tall pieces are pineapples hollowed and supported by large candle holders. One is 2 1/2 pineapples and the other is 3 pineapples. It took a bit of time to make, but next time I make one I'm sure it'll go faster. Yes, there is going to be a next time. These things made such a statement and were fun to make . All the fruit is held on with toothpicks and some with skewers. I only stabbed myself a few times with said skewers and toothpicks. No pain, no gain right? I'm not sure why the picture is so small, but I don't feel like trying to figure it out right now.

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  1. I just found this blog and... I want to comment on every single post! You have been blessed with amazing talent and creativity, thank you for sharing. I love this blog!