Monday, April 20, 2009

My bookmarks

Google and gmail - How did the internet world survive before google? - The BEST craft forum ever, I've been a member since '05 and checked it out before then even, I can check out what everyone else is crafting and get most of my inspiration from here, although I rarely post, but should I suppose - not sure what to listen to or too lazy to make a playlist of your own music on your media player... I listen to Pandora a little too much sometimes - A blog I check daily... I'm not always sure why but I love her blog and its the only one actually bookmarked, she does the occasional crafty thing and also lives in Seattle so I suppose that what keeps me interested - another blog I frequent often, this woman does some really cool work with selvedges from fabric, among other things - check for free stuff, get a job, an apartment or shop for furniture, there is always something great to find


  1. I think you meant

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