Monday, April 20, 2009

Works in Progress

WIPS and thing Ideas in progress too...

  • Baby quilt for Sydney - using butterfly patterned fabric and yellow, perhaps cut into rectangles, then sewn into squares, criss-crossing and sewing into strips.. I suppose I need a nice fabric for the back and something for the center... definatley something washable... this will hopefully be for Sydneys 1st birthday which isnt until the end of summer thank goodness
  • Red and Denim quilt for our bed - this was my first quilt top ever and I never finished it. ove the colors though and it'd make a great winter blanket. I still need a backing for it
  • Tea Tin - has "ugly" sheep picture on it.. I plan on braiding plarn and then glueing it to the tin in a circle pattern, like this I found on etsy
  • There are so many more but as of now I deem this the ones I'm actually thinking out

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