Thursday, July 16, 2009


So when my roommate moved out she left six or so blue metal panels in the basement. I kept them because I figured I could do something crafty with them, and if I never did then an easy trip to the Goodwill would dispose of them. Flipping through a catalog, most likely Pier 1 or Pottery Barn I found a cool art print of a bike stencil that spanned to large square panels. Inspiration hit and I knew I could stencil something large on two or three of these panels to create some sort of art. My current house has lots of empty wall space so I knew I could find a spot for them. I have a slight obsession with seagulls so I found a cool seagull stencil, taped an outline on the panels and started painting away. It only took an afternoon and I had a brand new piece of art. We decided to hang it about the bed as a mock headboard.

(please ignore dead husband in the picture I was planning on disposing of the body later today)


  1. That's attractive.

  2. Very nice! Nate does not look too good!

  3. Very nice way to repurpose and to decorate! How very creative! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. :-)