Monday, April 20, 2009

My bookmarks

Google and gmail - How did the internet world survive before google? - The BEST craft forum ever, I've been a member since '05 and checked it out before then even, I can check out what everyone else is crafting and get most of my inspiration from here, although I rarely post, but should I suppose - not sure what to listen to or too lazy to make a playlist of your own music on your media player... I listen to Pandora a little too much sometimes - A blog I check daily... I'm not always sure why but I love her blog and its the only one actually bookmarked, she does the occasional crafty thing and also lives in Seattle so I suppose that what keeps me interested - another blog I frequent often, this woman does some really cool work with selvedges from fabric, among other things - check for free stuff, get a job, an apartment or shop for furniture, there is always something great to find

Works in Progress

WIPS and thing Ideas in progress too...

  • Baby quilt for Sydney - using butterfly patterned fabric and yellow, perhaps cut into rectangles, then sewn into squares, criss-crossing and sewing into strips.. I suppose I need a nice fabric for the back and something for the center... definatley something washable... this will hopefully be for Sydneys 1st birthday which isnt until the end of summer thank goodness
  • Red and Denim quilt for our bed - this was my first quilt top ever and I never finished it. ove the colors though and it'd make a great winter blanket. I still need a backing for it
  • Tea Tin - has "ugly" sheep picture on it.. I plan on braiding plarn and then glueing it to the tin in a circle pattern, like this I found on etsy
  • There are so many more but as of now I deem this the ones I'm actually thinking out

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Saddlebag: -noun
Often, saddlebags. excess fat around the hips and buttocks.

Not sure if you know this but the term saddlebag can be endearing. At least in my family it can be. Although it can be quite insulting at the same time. This is the name my sisters, brother and I call each other. "Hey Saddlebags! How's it going?" Or simply: "See ya, Bags." It stems from the movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Ace (Jim Carrey) says at one point "Well, why don't you cry about it. Saddlebags."

Fast forward a few years, I live in Seattle, one sister in Boston, the other sister and brother in our hometown. Someone (I think Maddy) deemed me a Seattle or Seaddle Bag. So now I am (lovingly?) referred to as a Seaddle Bag.