Monday, November 8, 2010

From Drab to Fab

I found this ugly box by our dumpster. Sorry there are no before pictures but it was "tannish," dirty, and essentially very hideous. But I still saw the potential. It had a mirror and a cool locking mechanism. I decoupaged the top and interior with some wallpaper I had laying around. Then used a Glidden paint sample to paint the bottom. The only part I paid for was the wallpaper, which was maybe $3 at a thrift store ages ago and I still have almost an entire roll. I've been using this for my embroidery thread stash but I think it is destined for something else; that mirror calls out to be used, so perhaps for my makeup? Or perhaps to a special someone who actually likes pink? I'm not normally a fan of pink but it really seems to work here.

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