Friday, November 5, 2010

Magazine Bowl

I recently turned some unused air miles that were going to expire into magazine subscriptions. Now I have a few too many magazines hanging around. I do recycle them, but it still seemed like a waste. Inspired by some coasters my sister made me awhile back I used the magazine pages to create this bowl. It has a slightly oval shape and is pretty large. I don't really need anymore catchall fruit bowls so this will probably be some lucky persons Christmas present this year, but I'm not telling you whom.


  1. Tara, can you please tell me how you made that? I keep seeing things around made out of this type of magazine recycling. I started seeing it in Brazil and now it's all over the place here. I think I bought a magazine that explained it, but it was in Portuguese and I gave up! :) Thanks! Laura

  2. What a novel idea.
    Will you please tell me how you did it?