Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sweater Vases

I have been saving all my old sweaters for awhile now, with plans to make a blanket at some point. I still don't have quite enough, but have been using the sleeves for other projects. Inspired by a sweater vase tutorial at Under the Table and Dreaming I "upholstered" some vases I had. I hadn't actually used them until Valentine's day (Nate got me roses). Seeing the flowers in one of the vases made me fall in love with these even more. The red sweater sleeve I used really makes the flowers look great. I also have three round vases I covered in pink and red, but will have to wait for more flowers to test these out (stargazer lilies maybe? hint hint hint).

I also wanted to show off one of my recent thrift store finds. Its a piece of rock with a hole drilled into it, creating a vase. I have seen these before at Pike Place Market but deemed them a great idea but too expensive for me to actually buy one. I found a large one though at a thrift store for $6.99, which seems expensive to me but the size I bought is usually sold for $75! (found them here) The piece of slate reminds me of the rocks that grow out of the ground around Delaware county.

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