Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Birthday Quilt for Eric

It was a friends birthday last week and I decided that he needed a quilt. He has given me various fabric pieces over the years from his world travels, usually old clothes so I wanted to incorporate those pieces. I went through my fabric stash and found some coordinating fabric (mostly more old pieces of men's clothing). I had a few pieces of cotton batting left over from another quilt, so that determined the size of this quilt. I was able to have the entire top sewn in a few hours and finished basting and quilting the same day. It is a smaller quilt, (lap sized) but I can't believe most of this was done in only one day. The colors are fairly basic and the shapes geometric, making it a great guy quilt. All the fabric came from either men's clothing (notice the pocket and buttonholes) or old sheets, except for the red fabric. It looks fairly wrinkled and puckered in the pictures, but it just needs to be washed and ironed, due the small size (and maybe my great skills?) there isn't any puckering from the quilting. I also was quite proud of the wrapping of this gift. I used an old map of Albany, NY (not something I likely need to keep anymore) and twine.

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