Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monogrammed Laundry Bag

As I live in an apartment I have to travel (down the hall) to do my laundry. We have laundry baskets (one wicker, one plastic) to store our dirty laundry, however it gets cumbersome dragging those down the hall. I used a tablecloth (because I'm always up-cycling something) and sewed it into a basic sack. I added a drawstring and straps for easier carrying. My favorite part is the monogram I stenciled on the bag. Freezer paper is the best stenciling tool ever. Just print, cut, iron and stencil. Researching monograms I found that for couples the monogram would have both spouses first initials surrounding a larger last name initial. For an individual it would be first and middle initial surrounding the larger last initial. This bag was intended to be for me and Nate, however his middle initial is T so I think it should be his bag; that mean I can make him do all the laundry from now on right?

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