Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eat Drink Be Merry Wallhanging

This was an old frame (with a hideous print in it) that I think I found by the dumpsters several apartments ago. Of course I snagged it up and ended up turning the print inside into my bottle cap heart. I coverered the frame in a piece of fabric I had and used it as a simple wallhanging. It worked well in our previous apartment that was quite large and had a lot of empty wall space. (You can actually see the fabric wallhanging above the mantle in the post about my bottle cap mosaic.) In our current much smaller apartment this floral wall hanging needed a lot more oomph. I stenciled "eat. drink. be merry." on it in a bright magenta. (I know.. pink things again!) I love my new wall hanging and have hung it above my bed. Now to hang the curtains in the bedroom and perhaps my bedroom will be complete. (oh yeah and procure a bedframe and redo my dressers)

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  1. I googled your towel quit that you made last summer. I got a suggestion that i should make one with all of my excesses towels (see my blog at for the story) and am thinking about doing it. How long did it take you? I know you said you wouldn't recommend it, but how much would you not recommend it? thanks! :)