Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poptab Sunburst Mirror

I technically made this for a craft challenge on but have been thinking about a sunburst mirror for awhile. I also have a very substantial pop tab collection. (and bottlecaps and wine corks and milk caps but that's an entire different story) I've been trying to work on downsizing my stash of crafting supplies lately and knew I need to start putting a dent in my tab collection. A challenge on Craftster allowed the perfect opportunity to put those tabs in action. I spent only $10 on the round mirror as everything else I had on hand. I used an old metal panel for the main back piece and cut foam board for the extra spires. I was too lazy for paint so I used black gaff tape to adhere the spires and make everything black. Epoxy was used to adhere the mirror and wood glue for the tabs (all I had on hand.) Now I have a great unique sunburst mirror that only cost me $10. I think I'm going to hang it in my bedroom, although it's quite heavy so I'm probably going to need to either find a stud or use anchors in the drywall.

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