Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Apartment is(was) Beautiful: An Apartment Tour

I found these pictures I took of our apartment awhile ago. This was at a point when I really liked how everything was decorated. Things have changed at this point as we have added things, tossed things and I think even broke a chair or two.

This picture shows our "dining room." Looking at this picture reminds me that I liked this arrangement. Unfortunately two of those Ikea chairs have since broken (which makes 3 out of the original 4) and the dresser in the corner is blocking our heating vent so that had to move. The lamp above the table (paper lamp I made) needs to be rewired as it doesn't work anymore hence the lamp on the table. My favorite part of this nook is the rug which was an old tapestry I "quilted" onto a piece of sturdy heavyweight fabric. I have since moved this to our "living room" area seeing as it didn't really match the paper lamp. This is our "living room" area. I never really liked anything here. The couch we had was awful so I pieced together a love seat cover with a curtain to create the red and yellow monstronsity you see here. This was way better than the green southwest patterned couch but the cover would essentially fall off when you sat on the couch. I never really liked the arrangement of pictures above the couch either. They definitely need more continuity (same frames perhaps) and nearly all of these have since been moved to other areas of the apartment. I do like my coffee table though and my wing-back chair (both thrifted). I have started upholstering the wing-back chair and only have one "wing" left to go but have been busy with other project so its been half exposed for awhile now. (note to self: just spend the hour and finish this!!!) This is my awesome sewing & crafting nook. I loved this wall which has a few embroideries I've collected over the years (mostly crewel work) as well as some bulletin boards I made and an original watercolor a friend painted. Everything I needed for my various crafting was either in this sewing desk or on the bookcase you can see near it. Unfortunately we have rearranged our furiture (after acquiring a hideous yet comfy armchair) and this area doesn't really exist anymore. I hope to change things soon though and perhaps bring it back. This is our hallway leading to the bedroom, linen closet, water closet and bathroom. The best thing about this hall is the coat rack on the wall. This was a pot rack we had bought for a previous apartment (from Ikea). It actually makes our hallway useful and prevents a pile of coats from forming at the entrance of our apartment. This has stayed almost the same, although I would mind relocating some of the stuff on the floor for a more streamlined look. Below are a few pictures of things in the bedroom. Our staircase dresser was from a coworker of Nate's and needs to be refinished but is fairly presentable in its current state. The books were all stacked precariously on themselves and were mostly sturdy as long as the cat's didn't try to climb them. I have downsized our book collection however and they now all sit in a makeshift wooden crate bookshelf. We have also moved out mattress onto the floor as the frame and boxspring were broken and plan on replacing those with a lower Ikea or similar frame. This is some stuff (okay my stuff mostly) in our bathroom. It essentially showcases my jewelry, makeup and such so I actually remember it's there and wear it.

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